About Hackathon

A RTS2-Hackathon will be held in Aosta Valley, in the north western Italian Alps. The main focus of the Hackathon shall be extension of the RTS2 systems, enabling more productive communication between RTS2 developers, knowledge transfer and presentation of plans and ideas for further development. The workshop shall be divided into 2 main phases:

  • Talks (Scientific and technological)
  • Online sessions of code development with a shared objective between the three proposed in the
    following lines

Main Objectives of the 2 days Coding Session

  • Development of the code needed to move the 7 10micron QCI2000 mount of the outreach instruments (250 mm Cassegrain Telescope – Visual) by a Graphic interface, such as Sky Charts, via wifi Android (Or any other OS) tablet
  • Development of a BB local server to be used on the APACHE system as the base of the online photometric trigger. When a signal over a variable threshold, calculated night by night on the basis of the night condition, is observed, the schedule of the telescope should be re-arranged online in order to achieve a better time sampling and photometric precision (hence modifying the schedule and eventually the observing exposure)
  • Development of the driver in order to implement RTS2 on the main telescope (810 mm aperture, f/4.7 Bowen Vaughn) that has, among its main scientific purposes, the Asteroid observations and AGN characterization

Venue Date:
20-24 March 2017

Main Programme

  1. Monday – Talk Session
  2. Tuesday – Talk Session
  3. Wednesday – First Programming Session
  4. Thursday – Second Programming Session
  5. Friday – Visit to the Astronomical Observatory of the Autonomous Region Aosta Valley and,
    possibly, test of the code previously developed

Fees: 250 Euros per person including coffee breaks and the bus round trip to the Astronomical Observatory of the Autonomous Region Aosta Valley. Maximum 60 participants allowed. The payment of the fees could be done by cash (only Euro currency) during the Hackathon or by bank transfer:
UNICREDIT BANK – BIC Swift code UNCRITM1AAR , AGENCY Aosta Garibaldi (00848)
COD.IBAN: IT 65 U 02008 01200 000103432554

Aosta, Italy


For any information about this RTS2 workshop please contact us at the following address:
rts2.hackathon@gmail.com or by phone at +39 0165 770 050

Venue Information

How to get to Aosta: www.lovevda.it/en/coming

What to do in Aosta and in the Valley

Aosta and surroundings: www.lovevda.it/en/out-and-about/tourist-areas/aosta-and-surroundings
Out and about Aosta Valley: www.lovevda.it/en/out-and-about
Soon it will be available, thanks to the Convention and Visitors Bureau, a list of hotels with special rates for the RTS2-Hackathon participant